We are so grateful to God Almighty for the Nigerian Models Achievers Award. When we started years ago ,it seemed like something impossible looking at the nature of the industry both in modelling, advertising ,entertainment in general and other creative firms involved. But we saw the need to do something different and unique from what every other group was used to, by rewarding those who were truly working hard to keep the industry to the standard it’s supposed to be. All these and many more formed the fundamental background for the Nigerian Models Achievers Award. African born models are a success, they possess the capacity and expertise required of them to help tap into this rich diversity and make the most of it through innovative products and services tailored specifically to suit human needs. Models are perfectly positioned to bring out the best of Africa and offer it to the world. Africa is a land brimming with human resources. Everywhere you go, you’ll meet models of ingenious ability and an unquenchable test for the development of brands for consumers loyalty. Africa has a burgeoning business community with the help of our models. Everywhere around the continent, entrepreneurs and small businesses are springing up at an unbelievable rate. This award has one of its core aims, the need to add value to the quality of adverts we produce in this part of the world, so that we can celebrate the great brands and unusual creativity that drives their marketing communication. Most of all, let us stop the migration of resourceful models to foreign countries due to lack of appreciation at home, these models are attracted by the structures available in these developed countries which we still don’t have here in Nigeria, So as to propagate the need for patriotism in the industry of modeling and advertising and also to celebrate Nigeria, Africa at Large. We also took into cognizance the role of youths in a developing country like ours . The youth’s need to have a proper sense of purpose being focused, determined and dedicated in their everyday life. It is from this angle that we decided to come in, because there numerous vices today in Nigeria and also the foreign countries Nigerian models migrate to, like prostitution, gangsters’ lifestyle, hooliganism ,indecent dressing culture, drug abuse and other misdemeanors, which have destroyed so many of them to derail from the right direction of becoming leaders of tomorrow, as the case suppose to be. This holds the key to moral and personal development for the youths of today by providing ample opportunities for them to showcase their God given talents, most importantly, keeping them busy, focused and useful. We have come up with these programmes to discover and harness new talents, to give hope to the hopeless among them, keeping them off the streets positively. The constructive engagement of the youths improves the economy of every nation, and Nigeria will not be an exception. We must improve the modeling and advertising industry in Africa, this is our own way of effecting positive changes in the world, by giving HOPE to the future leaders!!! NMAA ‘’it pays to be recognized” . .

NMAA willl bring your vision to life!

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