The prestigious Nigeria Model Achievers Award (NMAA),  the biggest role models/ models brand awards in Africa, was launched in 2009 and is organized annually to celebrate Nigerian models for their roles in positively enhancing advertising, innovative marketing, brand building, and corporate services that are rendered for product development, fashion statement, image management, African culture and lifestyle; role models for their roles in uplifting the image of Nigeria and brands.

NMAA gives due recognition through honorary awards, to Nigerians who, in their respective elevated public status and positions have greatly contributed to their immediate public and society at large; towards nation building and national integration and are thus perceived by the public as role models.
The event aims at giving recognition to and rewarding those in the modeling business in Nigeria cum Africa, thereby adding value to the practice of marketing communications and marketing communication support industries, fashion industry et al.

Aimed at showcasing the creativity of Nigerian models, the award will be projecting their magical essence and brainpower, and strengthening the irrepressible high spirits of Nigerian youths. The event comes topnotch; a world class packaging that reflects the thought of our organizing team, and the unique positioning of blue chip brands in Nigeria cum Africa.

This is a mission NMAA takes seriously and as a truly committed African/Nigerian brand we have the capacity needed to bring the African advantage to the world. There is no gainsaying the fact that, with the help of models, African brands are now competing on the world stage.

Summing it up, the awards seeks to recognize role-models/models in the society, the marketing strategists and creative personnel that operate behind-the-scene within the advertising, fashion and other industries– from project conception to creative product; photography, hair styling and make-up, as well as the producers, directors, editors, animation experts that direct the magic of advertising.

The Award has been structured into 5 phase :

  1. The NMAA press conference which comes first will see all the major media houses present. This presents you the opportunity to display brands and espouse the brand’s edge over others in the market through a power point/smart board presentation.
  2. Nominees party:   This is a touch of Green and White event to celebrate Nigeria’s Independence with the nominees. It presents you the opportunity to meet and network before the awards. We will also use this medium to sensitize the models, nominees and guest about brands.
  3. Cancer Awareness Rally:   As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we are giving back to the society through our Cancer Awareness Rally. It features models on Cancer Awareness Rally branded t-shirts on street campaign to create the consciousness and remind the public of the need to be cancer conscious and cancer cautious.
  4. Award night: The main event which will see people in their numbers from  all  works  of  life within and outside  Nigeria- brands, role models, agencies, models,  NGO’s and representatives of industries, gather to celebrate these models who stand tall regardless of  the odds.
  5. Winners party/ 9jatopmodels Nite(December):  Sometime in December, all the awardees come to  together with friends, family and colleagues in the industry  to celebrate with  them  for their selfless work and contribution  and  also for being  recognized.

A reasonable percentage of funds generated will be re-invested into the CANCER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN.

We are partnering with electronic and print media firms, as well as other like-minded firms and institutions in achieving the aims of NMAA and in thus, opening up this 21st Century Africa to the world!
We use this medium to commend every establishment for its landmark achievements, selfless service to the good people of Nigeria and for being an active player in industry reforms.  Moreover, we welcome every brand(s) on board to support us with Products or Services and Financially.

We have over the years been investing a substantial percentage of proceeds generated each year on our ‘Cancer Awareness Campaign’ as part of our corporate social responsibility. However, beginning from this year’s event, our corporate social responsibility shall extend to the setting up of a vocational training school and venture company for the physically challenged, that will not only train but also help them market their products at competitive prices, so that they are not only taken off the streets, but become model citizens worthy of emulation to other physically challenged ones in the society.

In retrospect, partnering with us will offer  your brand a wide range of opportunities to connect, collaboratively help the NMAA event in a bigger way as regards the development and growth of the youth empowerment/cancer awareness endeavors, entertainment industry and more so, celebrate Africa’s cultural heritage in a grand style. We therefore urge brand/corporate individuals to take advantage and leverage on this platform to get across to their target audience through sponsorship of the project

Vision :

Discovering and harnessing positively, new talents amongst the Nigerian cum African youths; orientating them towards contributing quota in ensuring visible changes and radical development of the country and the continent at large as well as celebrating our cultural heritage in style. This entails a constructive engagement of the youths away from crime, prostitution and other misdemeanours. At the same time, we create an unbeatable visibility value for sponsors as we offer entertainment value to viewers.

Mission :

Opening up a positive 21st Century Africa to the world is a mission NMAA takes very seriously. This is because we are a truly African image maker and we have both the commitment and capacity needed to bring the African advantage to the world at large



The fact that this event will give models due recognition and also bring the upcoming ones to limelight cannot be overemphasized. These are the aims and objectives of the NMAA:

  • It focuses on repositioning the face of modelling in Africa  so as to add value to advertising, by creating an avenue for models to be duly recognized    and    accepted globally, thereby fostering national consciousness and nurturing a patriotic spirit among the youths of Nigeria cum  Africa.
  • Re-channeling the mindset of the youths towards an active participation in self-empowerment and entrepreneurship.
  • It also focuses on the celebration of models along with their already featured brands.
  • It will therefore, celebrate modelling as a unique branch of art.
  • It also aims to accredit the marketing strategists that give recognition to the brains behind the creative essence of the advertising agencies; from         project conception to creative product, photography, make-up, hairstyling, fashion, producers, directors and other experts that are responsible for the magic behind-the-scene.
  • To host the biggest, brashest and coolest models-brands awards in Africa.
  • To give prospective sponsors a massive multi- platform to reach the youths and adults like never before thus driving sales of products and service range.
  • To create an emotional bond between the event, sponsors and the target audience.
  • To sell to the audience and target market the idea of hanging out with stars/role models.
  • Opportunity to further promote brands for consumer loyalty at all said event cities and venues.


The Nigerian Models Achievers Award (NMAA) is an initiative of  Mic-Dunamis Global Concepts Limited, a marketing communication  support company with emphasis on recruiting talents, training and providing professional models of all ages to a wide range of corporate and individual clients, for the purpose of advertising and image making.

Our services include corporate image promotion, branding, creative design, modelling, events, public relations, artiste management and project management.

With experience drawn from past events and challenges in the modelling industry, we have built a reputation that stands us out as a force to reckon with in corporate image promotion.





NMAA willl bring your vision to life!

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