7th Edition – ‘The Evolution’

This year’s edition aptly tagged ‘The Evolution’, promises to have much more glitz, glamour and savoir-faire. Nevertheless, while celebrating people who have made impact; it is also meant to inspire and infuse positive values into the lives of the youths.


The Nigerian Models and Achievers Award – NMAA is a medium to appreciate and celebrate respectable personalities, professionals, cultural heritage and public figures – Nigerian and foreigner alike who are models in diverse areas of human endeavor and make positive impacts on the Nigerian youth and the populace at large.


The prestigious NMAA award has gathered momentum in the last seven years, setting the public agog in expectation of the next edition. The 2016 edition, tagged – ‘The Evolution’ and coming up in October promises to be extraordinary and far reaching.

Target Audience

The target audience is made up of top government officials, captains of industries, opinion leaders, professionals, celebrities, media executives, upwardly-mobile young adults and visionary youths.

Brand Association

Your brand is one brand that is no doubt in sync with Nigeria, given its brand personality, market-friendliness, innovative products, track record in CSR, community development, value addition and youth empowerment; particularly in the arts, entertainment, sports and so on.

Therefore, associating with an AWARD that appreciates and celebrates positive impacts on Nigerian youths and people is a step in the right direction for organizations

Title Sponsor

As title-sponsor, you has the full benefits of ‘brand-owning’ the award ceremony, even as the award will be branded and identified in new media, outdoor, print, audio and visual media in the name of the brand.

Besides, your brand can deploy the award ceremony for sales promotion purposes.


As a co-sponsor, Brand shares fifty percent cost while sharing the benefits, glitz, glamour and media space derivable from the event equally with the other co-sponsor.

Nevertheless, Brand can deploy the event for sales promotion purposes.


NMAA presents a HUGE platform for Brands to enhance market awareness, reinforce market presence and reinvigorate brand recall; even with a provision for return on investment – ROI.


NMAA is usually a high-profile event and this 2016; the bar is even going to be raised more. As title-sponsor therefore, brand ambassadors will activate your brand and account opening on event day.

Meanwhile, a given number of seats will be offered for PROMO whereby your loyal customers will be opportune to get an invite to attend the award ceremony.



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